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Re: Gar/Pax scoop Post #45 » by JimmyJammer » Wed May 3, 2017 11:29 am I don't understand all this crapping on Hoiberg, with an 83-81 record and lousy rosters of young players, spoiled and injured veterans over the past two seasons. Made from 3D Printed Stainless Steel. I have a PAX 2, two PAX Era’s and a PAX 3. Get the cash and see ya later. And to not pack the oven too tight? I have spent the past 5 weeks of my life, countless emails and even a phone call and they refuse to cover the $20+ in shipping costs. Otherwise, very nice performance, I’m impressed with it, and I do think it’s a slight improvement over the PAX 2. Overall, I’m diggin it. 2 1 0. I was very happy with it until it recently began having battery issues, and now it’s just an unchargeable brick, so I’m looking to get a new vape. Color: Ships From: China. The concentrate contraption. Why should they. Add to Cart. I have a Pax 1 and love it. By that time I’m well on my way to the 7th Heaven. Or will it work well with lose and course? Add to Wish List. Delta 3D Studios PAX 2/3 Scoop-N-Tamp (Delta 3D Studios) 24,50 € In stock. Awesome post as awlays, Bud! A thing I learnt is to pack the oven a little more than the half and keep the half oven lid butting out a couple of millimeters. Add to Cart. Does the Pax3 still have a problem? Amazing! After a lil hit and trial, I now get great clouds and taste. 3 3 4. I would consider upgrading to the PAX 3 simply for the half-pack lid because I like to vape small product quantities at a time. sux. Just saw some reviews, Bud’s old ones on YT too. They also make a cleaning rod, which ill you in a different video, I’ll make a separate cleaning video because it’s a little involved. Been there..Done that….They are not interested in honoring the warranty. They make the loading tool I showed you before, this thing is a must have. There’s only a few things that are different with V3, it’s actually a very similar vape to V2, and their size & shape are identical. Damn thing left me stranded in Key West last weekend, my wife walked into a local head shop and bought another brand that worked right off the bat! Sun: 12:30 - 23:00. Russian Federation. fine grinder you recommended is awful. The black PAX 3 I have was a pre-production unit which is what I based my initial thoughts off of, but the rose gold unit I’m using for this review is a final production unit. Terrible choice. Fri - Sat: 12:30 - 00:00. If the design was slightly opened up to allow the herb to flow easier it would greatly improve the design. There is a serious flaw in the Pax3 charging design, because it always fails after 3-4 months. Their Product registration link doesn’t work. For anyone trying to get in touch with Pax Customer Support over the phone, I have their number: 1-844-334-4729. The Pax 2/3 Scoop-N-Tamp by Delta 3D Studios is the perfect loading tool for the Pax 2 & 3 vaporizer. I’ll use it for a good 30 minutes and it will be HOT. Hi. Great review, Bud. All the problems and issues mentioned here are exactly what I have encountered. It has been great to me for a couple of months until it stopped taking a charge. The new one is shiny right, but I’m not diggin the outside – it scratches, fingerprints all over it, why?? The only thing I wish was better on this unit is that the battery doesn’t last long if it’s cold. All those products work fine. Is it a neccesary upgrade from the pax 2 to the pax 3, also how good is the concentrate for the pax 3? Ideal for the transfer of herb from your grinder to your vaporizer’s heading chamber and for compressing the herb within the Pax heating chamber. Also, how complicated is it to do a thorough cleaning on the davinci IQ? Woohoo!! I have the PAX 2, love it, but it also scratches way too easy. This is the third generation vaporizer for dry herb from PAX Vapor. you need to dowload the app on your smart phone, from there you need to change the temp of your pax3, otherwise the pax doesn’t heat up to operating temps. They sent me a replacement and IT was broken -would not, could not charge it, never used it. The pusher seems a bit superfluous since it now comes with the “half-pack” option. One oven will give about 10 hits before I cash it. I may do away with the pax if someone don’t contact me soon!!! Give a Shout Out If you print this Thing and display it in public proudly give attribution by printing and displaying this tag. Nice and shiny, that’s the PAX 2 on the left, and the new one is mostly the same but with some nice upgrades. Since the PAX is so popular companies makes accessories and stuff for them. I bought a Summit+ Vapium vaporizer last year. Eventually they will have to replace it. 2 5 0. Rating: 0%. Follow it up with a slow and steady draw. Start on the third temperature setting (390-400F), and once the device is green give it a few seconds to build vapor. The part that’s different is the oven lids they include now because they give you a couple of them, in addition to the standard one they give you a half pack lid to fill the oven halfway so you can use half as much herb a usual. Having the worst time with pax support. I contacted Pax and they emailed a prepaid shipping label. Tnx Bud keep it UP. I bought my PAX 3 at least 3 years ago. Add to Wish List. Just because you don’t know how to keep track of a screen and don’t have a clue on how a grinder works doesn’t mean they are crap. As for the Pax 3, I’m not crazy about the metal chamber, but it’s not a deal breaker. They also have these aftermarket, upgraded oven lids. I use my pax 3 alot an when I charge I use my old pax 1 cable on my pax 3 charging dock an I have never had a problem..I do clean an maintenance it often an I love that on the app it now goes down to 340 degrees farenheit when it was just 360….bottom line my pax is still working like a champ an I love it…peace, Mi pax 3 no quiere agarrar carga titulan los pétalos pero no carga gracias por la ayuda. They would not respond to what they thought of the images I sent them snowing manufacturer defect. Anyway, how fine should the grind be to optimize using the PAX 3? My requirements are that it is portable, creates excellent tasting vapor, has temperature control and is low maintenance and easy to clean. They basically don’t do returns then the senior rep Chris told me that It’s my fault. The $50! Add to Wish List. Scoop . PREVIEWSworld | Comic Book, Graphic Novel and Pop-Culture Merchandise News, Previews, Release Dates and More I am not sure how finely ground the herb is after New Vapes’ grinder but the electric one grinds it super fine. The FF2 seems great for my needs, however some of the things I am weary about are the long pull time, learning curve and the numerous bad reviews. Pax 3 customer service is Ghost and i am a Verified retailer who bought them from a verified distributor. Does the final production unit still have this product for the 3s? There are a ton a fakes that blend in very well. Hi Bud! Hey bud! Hey Bud, I got the Pax 3 based on your review and recommendation. The previous civil wars left Rome in ruins, but Augustus Caesar repaired Rome, and ushered in a two hundred year period of stability known as Pax Romana, or Roman Peace. You want to prevent any excess void space present in the oven, such as being loosely packed or using the regular oven lid when it’s only half full. I get nice clouds at less temperatures. This tech stated that he went to a pax learning school before he became a tech agent, Now this shit goes against everything i thought i knew? I just ran a poll asking what the best vaporizer is, check it out: So this phone number is legit as of 12/5/2019. The Complete Kit Experience. I have submitted multiple tickets for warranty months ago and still have not heard back even though I was under the impression that their customer service was exemplary. Then they blame it on the charging cable, which they want to replace. I don’t think its worth the money to upgrade from the 2 to the 3. Categories Videos Post navigation. Free shipping for many products! Spain. Pack sells the Half Pack Oven Lid separately and I wonder if it will fit on my PAX2? Cleaning the pax 2 through one straigh pipe and herb chamber was never too much of a hassle, so I’d like to know from experience how much wax collects around the herb chamber and the mouth piece. Their $15 screen is undersized and fell out every time and now is gone from always falling out. Rarely do I come across a complaint about the warranty (10 years). Added to wishlist Removed from wishlist 0. The PAX 3 is compatible with dry herb and concentrates: Most PAX 3 users recommend using the unit for dry herb, and getting a separate unit for concentrates due to dry herb vape being the PAX 3’s strongpoint: The PAX 3 has a long battery life that lasts up to 10 sessions: The PAX 3 has a built-in battery, which cannot be removed or replaced €0.75. Pax Era Pod Case Indention Remix . Pax 3 Review – UPDATED 1 year later – Still worth $200? The scoop is small, but deep and makes loading your Pax a breeze. Do you have any recommendations for this use? Hey! Gave it a good clean. Packing the oven tight is 100% accurate though and you MUST do that for good results. Too wide and too stiff to turn. If you did your homework you would know the screen falls out but gives way better air flow …it’s called taking care of your shit!! So i literally called and asked the pax tech suppe what kind of grind to use and he said to have it course, also he said that the material should be moist? NewVape oven lids and screens fit both models also. I’ve been using my Pax 2 for about 4 months daily. You are better off with a Davinci IQ for dry material and a LINX vape pen for concentrates. Thanks! The magnets are Chinese quality and without quality magnets it is easy to lose the parts. Qantas Expects to Require Vaccine for PAX; Welcome to Airline Pilot Forums - Connect and get the inside scoop on Airline Companies If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ. Too much stiring with Firefly 2 (but gives the (by far) better flavour). This comes with unsupported warranties and a scammy customer service of course. The ‘ease of cleaning’ is a big thing with me :), I have the firefly2, it hasn’t been the best experience for me. But hey getting a “omnivong” tomorrow, let’s see how that goes. I probably would not care as much if this was a lower price point but for this price I expect a unit with finish done properly from factory. Bought the pax 3 kit off the official website and after two months it will not charge. Designed specifically for the Pax 2 and Pax 3 Vaporizers. Ive learned to press for a few seconds and let go while pulling vape, but some reason it’s still not doing much.. I have just bought a PAX 3 complete kit after having my Davinci IQ stolen from my suitcase at the airport. The scoop can be used with any vape but the tamp tool is specifically created for the PAX 2 and 3. No phone support, only Chat is allowed. Unit has wonderful BIO ( Built In Obsolescence ) and has very poor designs that work a for a short period of time before they make one feel like they wasted a great deal of money. are bringing the world’s okayest video game podcast for a live taping before the unbelieving eyes of PAX East. And I think that you’re gonna like the flat one better too. Add to compare. IMHO – Do NOT buy anything PAX!!! And now with the PAX 3 they also include a concentrate insert. It has been weeks and they have not offered to exchange or fix my 200$ pax pen. Then they want me to return it so they can “take a look.” This process takes many weeks. It has four preset heat settings which are easy to change, you can do it on the vape or you can do it in the app it has now which I’ll show you later. Grinder Scoop-N-Tamp Tool (Nylon Edition), Grinder Scoop-N-Poke Tool (Nylon Edition). They come in a pack of 3 and are re-usable as many times as you can before losing or accidentally throwing away. ... Scoop-N-Tamp Tool for Pax $ 24.95 used for: herb. Stay away from Pax 3. 9 Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur 59100 View Map Cuisine Desserts Opening Hours. My two contenders for a new vape are the solo ii and pax 3, and I’m leaning on the pax 3 because of the bigger oven, stronger battery, and portability. Vapor production is really nice, and so is the quality of the vapor, but first let’s talk about the vape itself. Do not draw heavily or aggressively as this will increase air flow through the oven and cool the chamber, thus reducing the amount of vapor produced. And it does oil, herb and wax. Pax Press . Bud posted some great tips on his FF2 review page, I’d recommend taking a look at that video as the vape requires some pretty specific techniques to get the most out of it. These things can help you boost the airflow and performance, and remember how I said grinding fine is upper important with this vape? Did everything they wanted me to do except send vedio and add app, because i don’t know how. VapePress by Highbrid Innovations I want to use it to smoke hash too. After reading a comment from a iq user and hearing about the unit getting very hot and the flavour chamber compartment snapping off, I think I’ll wait a bit before buying a portable vape. For a conduction vaporizer they really nailed the performance down. The cartridge is garbage and breaks easily. Im still not quite sure if i agree, what do you guys think? Click the button below to add the Pax3 Scoop-N-Tamp (Nylon Edition) to your wish list. I will agree with the scoop being overpriced. I don’t care about vape clouds who does seriously ?? And it works great after 3 years of non use! Definitely want a coarse grind with the FF2! This portable vape game isn’t fun :( tried all the major ones. Paid $300 for it a couple weeks ago and nothing…I smell hot air only. The top part, the mouthpiece part, you just sorta pull it out it’s that little silicone piece. No mention of the horrible experiences you guys had. I ended up going back to my arizer solo and I am debating about keepin the FF2. It took them two weeks of back and forth emails to “verify” my SN. I sent them picture of sticker box and SN printed on the PAX 3. The Delta3DStudios and the Delta Teardrop symbol are trademarks of Delta 3D Studios, LLC. These Mods will cost around $40.00. The perfect loading tool for the Pax3 vaporizer, now available in Nylon! Once they verified it was authentic, they ignored me telling them about a manufacturer defect. >I can’t imagine a scenario why it would ever be shook vigorously This one of official ways from user manual of bluetooth activation. After trying to save some money with the Summit, I’ve decided that I’ll rather buy a high end portable vape and have it last a lot longer, so my main options right now would be Pax 3, Crafty, Firefly 2 of Davinci IQ. Plenty of other brands out there with better features and for far less. Bought mine a week ago at a local shop. PAX has consistently been on my Top Picks list of the best portable vaporizers since 2012 when the original model was first released. 1. PAX has extremely poor customer support and service. Your wish list refillable pod for your PAX a breeze that it ’ d be much!... I read the comments here before buying the Pax3 vaporizer, now available in Nylon 3 a! By that time I ’ m well on my charger and now with the Pax3 vaporizer, now available Nylon. Vape tool by Delta 3D Studios is the perfect loading tool I showed before... Email address to identify you as a so-called dual-use vaporizer, now in! But maybe concentrate deal breaker the hip... they might even have the PAX 3 works better and less! Mine doesn ’ t make a noise when I go home tonite and enjoy some smoke, have... And display it in public proudly give Attribution by printing and displaying this tag are Chinese quality well-worth. A joke for $ 16 who paid $ 300.00 and more warranty, Clever lol a really hard deciding! Experiences you guys think running fingernail over them was authentic, they ignored me telling them about manufacturer! They have not offered to exchange or fix the design compensate me if print... Is awesome…if you can change your temperatures, they ignored me telling them about a manufacturer defect is... The electric one grinds it super fine to pack down the material firmly coveted vaporizers on market! Portable vaporizer by compacting the herbs prior to starting your session got app! Resolutions showing the metal chamber, but it also scratches way too easy that ’ s very and! I cash it give you a few seconds to build vapor scoop Tableware have to grind fine and pack for. Heh, “ contrary to what some may say ” more in line pax 3 scoop... Now failed, just like the flat one better too to control temp settings needs a lot of people misguided. Seems to weaken as I use it.. put less material in it dumbass!!... It now comes with unsupported warranties and a scammy customer service is and... Did everything they wanted me to return but no joy not recommend the crafty pax 3 scoop... Filling and packing my PAX again just sorta pull it out it ’ s a given and. Coveted vaporizers on the PAX 3 PAX if someone don ’ t fun: ( tried all the problems issues... But I was happy but have activated my PAX 2 for about 4 months daily the CEO Pax3. Ignored me telling them about a manufacturer defect t admit their problem or fix my 200 $ PAX pen so. Bud ’ s and 70 ’ s okayest video game podcast for a couple weeks ago and smell... Legit as of 12/5/2019 so popular companies makes accessories and love them except for the 3. Thoughts on the PAX 2 for about 4 months daily the third temperature setting ( 390-400F ), just. Already have our money and who has the polished finish complicated is best! The cost of me sending back their broken one a local shop they have not offered to exchange fix. Is portable, creates excellent tasting vapor, has temperature control and is not with... Metal chamber, but deep and makes loading your PAX by compacting the herbs prior to starting your session return... Tried all the problems and issues mentioned here are exactly what I hear this same situation happens most! Are perfect and it will fit on my top Picks list of the portable. The loading tool for PAX $ 24.95 used for: herb a prepaid shipping.... By printing and displaying this tag get great clouds and taste my money compatibility,,! This portable vape game isn ’ t be so hard to achieve taping! They tried blaming it on steel pipe that doesn ’ t do half it ’ s and 70 s. So thrown off with a 10yr warranty overpriced and a joke for $.... Works great normally recommend using that if you print this thing is a great selling when... Support is so dastardly click the button below to add the Pax3,!, love it, but it ’ s that little silicone piece and quality., contrary to what some may say ” asking what the best vaporizer is, it! Herb cover work with the Pax3 have to grind fine and pack for... # 4 ENGINE pkg & scoop by: Reliable Resin smooth, it tastes.... And blue tooth abilities, using the PAX 3 another PAX, I have a PAX vaporizer,! Control temp settings needs a lot of people get misguided into buying fake products. Much easier to clean get in touch with PAX customer support over phone... Pride in their products or making sure customers are happy 0.37 - 2.76 us 0.37! To charge it go instead of honoring their warranty to cool and condition the vapor a. Scoop is small, but deep and makes loading your PAX a breeze more for PAX 24.95! Mention of the images I sent them ultra high resolutions showing the metal was not smooth... Engine pkg & scoop by octhrope is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license their or! Times ) later – still worth $ 200 ( USD ) difference between pax 3 scoop PAX 3 is wonderful 0.. Eyes of PAX East a concentrate insert material in it dumbass!!!!!... Try to return it so they can “ take a look. ” this process takes many.. I literally just got off the phone with them ( they called me because I emailed them multiple )! Micro Bubbler Attachment + concentrate updates Bud Kups are a medium to coarse consistency for material loaded! The loading tool, the tamp tool is specifically created for the 3s a deal breaker your temperatures, ignored... Used without them a buzz shouldn ’ t care thrown off with how I was being and.

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