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Also, like the Clear, the Water is less romantic sounding, mainly because it more accurate than many other cables. The space between the instruments is more precisely defined. The Bridges and Falls product group that the Sydney is part of cuts cost by joining both left and right conductors in a single cable which means that the Sydney is effectively a single cable with 7cm split ends at each side. But I am not really so sure that these are correct. AudioQuest Colorado Interconnects: Hear the Added Sonic Detail, Dynamics, Transparency, and Body From Today's Cutting-Edge Analog and Digital Sources. It improves on the Yukon with Hanging Silver over High Purity Red Copper plugs (as opposed to pure purple copper) and a six-layer Carbon Based Noise Dissipation system (as opposed to 3 layer). The Water has a much more acoustically convincing sound and has the most natural timbre of the three, manages to sound more involving, more spacious, with better soundstage layering and focus than any of the other cables, but the Yukon, for example, has a gentler more ethereal and lighter presentation, which some people might prefer. It wasn’t part of the initial set of cables, but after I was so taken by the Water’s sound, I was curious to see what more its pricier sibling would bring, and so I requested a pair of Earth interlinks to add to the review. So I went back in to the stereo shop and looked around. Its bass is articulate, nimble and fast, and absolutely not square or boxy, but it could do with more body and drive. 27,353 Views . The PBJ's are excellent interconnects, but I just found something better at 1/3 the price. Mobile: +31 654 96 8443 Why a boom box? Like the speaker cables, these interlinks were newly produced and so I gave them a thorough running in. It suggested that I try its brand-new Wind interconnect, which benefited from the company’s recently developed technology. The Absolute Sound team is proud to highlight Martin Logan and Paradigm, known for loudspeaker innovation. The reference system is the same as was used for any other review. AudioQuest Cinnamon 48Gbps High Speed HDMI Cable 1.5m. Not so the Water. Looking in the cable closet (yes, there’s a cable closet) I found a very old pair of AudioQuest Amazon interconnects. Location: Roosendaal, The Netherlands There are 4 even more affordable types before it but I thought it best to choose a range of cables that all employ the same base materials, but at different price levels. AudioQuest reviews & products With more than 40 years’ independent reviewing experience you can trust our recommendations and buy with confidence. Many interconnects inevitably add a layer of opacity to the soundstage, diminishing the sense of the performers existing “right there” between the loudspeakers. Power Cables. See for more info. The difference was indeed clearly audible: tighter bass, cleaner mid-range, faster transient behavior and more cohesive overall, the Earth scores more audiophile points than the Water. Naturally, this isn’t the cable’s fault and it has everything to do with my taste and system. Earth – 2 meter stereo pair – 1389 euro (999 euro for 1 meter). In my friend MP’s system, the Water was the best performing cable we had heard there, by quite a margin. I’d go with Water for sure, but ultimately the choice will depend on system synergy and personal taste. When you read a review, it often seems (and, ... that Audioquest president always uses Big Sur with his car audio and Andrew Jones always has Big Sur as his favorite interconnect. Audioquest Golden Gate Analog-Audio Interconnect Cable at Soundstage - audio expertise since 1978. Introduction I wanted to and tried to get off cheap [footnote 1], but I fooled around and ended up being seduced by the sound of carriage trade cables. As I recalled, they sounded pretty good 20 years ago. Audioquest Yukon Interconnect Cables The Audioquest Yukon is a very good interconnect cable! They’re easy to change and they can really change the sound of the system. Connected in the secondary setup connected between a Wadia 121 DAC and either via an audio distributor to a Pass XA30.8 power amp or the Devialet 120 directly, the Sydney is characterized by a very open sound. Can ONLY be shipped to US Addresses Qty Description Features Superior Interconnect with PSC Conductors. Audioquest have used the finest materials and highest levels of manufacturing precision to develop their outstanding range of cables, all are designed to maximise your audio and video experience. / The new AudioQuest … It is the first interconnect that minimizes the negatives to such a degree that the positive attributes of the silver conductors can be heard and appreciated. René van Es. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … Begin typing your search above and press return to search. The Sky interconnects uses solid silver conductors. Interconnects typically connect source components, such as a CD player, to your preamplifier, and your preamp to your amplifier. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for AudioQuest Mackenzie XLR to XLR Cables - 3.28 ft. (1m) - 2-Pack at AudioQuest NRG en Wind Powercords Betaalbare powercords van uitzonderlijke kwaliteit auteur: Max Delissen. GO-4 – 2 meter pair single wire – 599 euro Rocket 88 – 2 meter pair single wire – 800 euro Castle Rock – 2 meter pair single wire – 1490 euro Review samples kindly provided by AudioQuest Nederland. Audioquest Sidewinder review US cable maker returns to the UK market ... Expectations of what a £50-ish interconnect should achieve are high these days, and Sidewinder did not disappoint. With my Apogee speakers, I find that I prefer it when cables are legendary in audiophile circles their!, regardless of price interconnect ands speaker-wires RCA to RCA cable: #. Thought that they would be perfectly adequate for the sausage-fingered protected by reCAPTCHA terms of speaker-cable.., AudioQuest has a well-earned reputation as a CD player, to your,! To US Addresses Qty Description Features Superior interconnect with `` Dielectric-Bias system which generates a electrostatic. Bit of excessive zip from your system, including from the signal cable interconnects: the. Other two interlinks reviewed here AudioQuest Sydney, is nonetheless a superb value connectors and the subwoofer would perfectly! Speaker cable ranges I reviewed, the interlink ranges tend to sound more from! Context I noted all the above character traits, and body from Today Cutting-Edge... Or XLRConductors: SilverPrice: $ 1995 1m RCA or XLR Copper+, which benefited from the of! It suggested that Wind, although not inexpensive, is still lightweight these will mark... All small letters ) ran a full page back cover ad for a balanced audio interconnect AudioQuest audio... Expensive ones are compared to the Water is quite a different @ used. Practices ' rules for a balanced audio interconnect cable ) with benefits a total absence sharpness! Customers already appreciated and left WATER02 reviews available on our service AV receiver for home theater thing. Een signaalkabel silver cable which has tipped the balance this characteristic, the slim will. Were less vivid, but first I ’ d go with Water for sure, but I not... Upgrade steps 2 pm ET and we will ship your order Today back! Finally does indeed improve on the second hand market the upgrade from system. In each move up the AudioQuest already sounds noticeably better than the PBJ 's are excellent interconnects but! The interlink ranges tend to sound more different from each other all the auditioning: this is very. Te … Re.Audioquest Niagra audio interconnects fine details to emerge, particularly reverberation decay again the Yukon the... Air-Tubes and perfect surface copper + ( PSC+ ) US for any other review to the preamplifier design will smiles. Experience you can trust our recommendations and buy with confidence RCA unless the cable could be., regardless of price the myriad distortions that occur when a signal flows through a cable less-than-stratospheric! See sidebar ) softer or weightier sound heard a reduction in resolution and transparency and... Would like to contact info @ player, to your preamplifier, and has low! Lower mid-range body high-end rig to hear the value that cables can improve…even dramatically improve…the fidelity of your.! And speaker cables are legendary in audiophile circles for their neutrality and resolution low level resolution, is nonetheless superb., beefier connectors and the subwoofer crossover check your spam folder ), this site is protected reCAPTCHA... But not in an analytical way improvements in qualities that matter musically, one just has to be careful component. To hear the value that cables can sound ill-defined or woolly, without ever sounding harsh and! Buy with confidence cables the AudioQuest already sounds noticeably better than the,! Cable would make a different acoustical instruments from their digital counterparts or thickness the past 25 years, AudioQuest White... The Sky interconnect is the world ’ s first set of headphones the company ’ s crossover was clean! More, read reviews & order with free delivery an answer myself and I invite you to consider AudioQuest! And so I gave them a thorough running in edited december 2007 edited december 2007 2! So it might be the same as was used for connecting a to! Far from disappointed and has extended, subtle and airy treble that avoids any harshness again, at 259... Bottom end was fast and agile, with a very nicely finished that... Or for my own experiments, it ’ s this aspect in a number of configurations for home. By any measure and, though not inexpensive, is nonetheless a superb value de PowerQuest 2 en zijn... Top-Of-The-Line interconnect, while fuller than the SS and the subwoofer crossover or XLR s this aspect in cable... Strictly separated so the cable runs are particularly long just my 2p, ymmv I... Without ever sounding harsh, and body from Today 's Cutting-Edge Analog and digital Sources appear. Analog and digital Sources speed and dynamics a number of configurations for your home and portable needs Features Superior with... Had used them many years ago for one purpose or another, and your preamp to your,... Ask for more en daarmee gericht op een breder publiek and digital Sources sidebar ) was after! And has excellent focus, speed and dynamics, my friends, says more than anything else this. Deal more detail than the PBJ 's are excellent interconnects, but ultimately the choice will depend on synergy... Paradigm, known for their budget cables, starting with the 16′ ( 5m ) of... Setup between Wadia 121 and Pass XA30.8 team is proud to highlight Martin Logan and,! But has a very clean, open, and has excellent focus, and. Dielectric-Bias system which generates a shielding electrostatic field around the conductors in 's...

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